Linkbuilding using Reddit

Reddit is a social media website that allows it users to share fun, interesting or newsworthy content with each other. Redit has an open structure. Links are not shared with friends or connections, but are placed in certain categories. Visitors can subscribe to these categories or just visit the page regularly to see whats new and shared.

Shared content or a link on Reddit is simple. You can submit your link on this page. To submit content or a link, you need to create a Reddit account first. When submitting your link to a category, respect the terms of service of that category. Some categories don't accept links, they only accept text. Next to that limitation, most categories ask you to:

You can use Reddit for link building, if you have interesting content to share. Misuse of Reddit wil result in a ban for several weeks on your Reddit account.

Visit the website:

If you use Conversion Analytics, you can track traffic from this souce by add #ct-reddit to your urls when submitting the url.

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Linkbuilding using social media in general

Most of the social networks will generate useful backlinks. Although links from Twitter and Facebook will give you a short boost on your position in Google, the effect will not last. This does not mean social media is useless for linkbuilding. On the contrary! Most backlinks to popular websites are not generated or requested by the webmasters them selfs, but by enthusiastic visitors. So use social media to activly promote your website. If your website proves to be interesting enough to visitors, the first links on other websites and weblogs should start to appear within a month!

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