Linkbuilding using Feedly

About Feedly

Feedly is a news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android. In Feedly you can select news sources and create one overview with the news you think is relevant. You can also share the news feed you created with others.

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How to get links from Feedly to your website

For pure linkbuilding purposes, Feedly hasn't much to offer. Links from Feedly have a very limited effect on your position in Google or other search engines. But Feedly can help you attract new traffic to your website. Especially when the RSS feed from your website or blog becomes part of a popular feed on Feedly.

Contact Feedly

You could create an account on Feedly and add your own RSS feed to your account (among others). But in order to get results, you need to promote your Feedly account next to your website. You will get more and faster result by promoting your RSS feed to popular Feedly feeds. You won't find contact information on the authors / owners of Feedly accounts on Feedly, so you need to Google for their website or blog to find contact details.

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Linkbuilding using Feedly
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