Mobile website: be visible for the mobile public

Perfect for mobile

Our websites are optimized for mobile. They work perfectly on small screens, with touch navigation and on 2G and 3G connections.

On every platform

Our mobile websites are suitable for every platform. They work on iPhones, Android (Samsung, HTC) phones, BlackBerry's en Windows (Nokia) phones.

Online in a minute

You can create your mobile website online on this website. It is simple and quick. You can have your own mobile website online in a minute.

Content Management System

We provide you with a online content management system for your mobile website. You can use this system to edit, update or extend your mobile any time you want.

Feedback form: easy to add to any website

Design matching your website

Adjust the colors and position of the form so it works perfectly for your website.

For every CMS

The feedback form plugin works with every CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento.

Ask the right questions

Select the fields you want in in your form. Ask visitors for their name, e-mail address, organization or phone number.

Tablets and mobile

The feedback forms work on regular websites, tablet and mobile websites.

Conversion Analytics: helps you to convert visitors into customers (or clients)


How many visitors visit each step in your website?


How does your website perform on pc, tablet or mobile device?

Display problems

Know when your website has a problem in a certain browser.

Channel conversions

See if visitors from Google, Adwords or social media score best.

Linkbuilding Advisor: more links to your website for a higher position in Google

Peek at you competitors

Get to know which link building website are used by the most successful website in your field and apply the same strategy

Your position in Google

We give you a weekly update on your position in Google on search subjects that are relevant to you

Be the first to know

Social media, blogs, link websites; they come and go. As soon as a new oppertunity arives for you to improve your link building and position in Google you will know about it

Manage your links

Keep track of the blogs you have contact with, the site you submitted your links to and get a reminder when its time to check if your link submission is processed

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