Tips to create the perfect webapp of your website

Dated Wednesday August 14, 2013

Tags: gebruiksvriendelijkheid, mobiele website, ux

Tips voor de juiste samenstelling van een mobiele website

The mobile version of a website is used differently then a regular website. Mobile visitors are more action oriented, and use the website in order to complete the task they are working on. For instance finding the route to the owner of the website or contacting them. The content of the website should focus on this type of use.


The contactpage is arguably the most important on your webapp. The contact page should help the visitor to:

  • find the route to you using the webapp
  • call you by simply click on the phone number
  • find the address to set up the navition software

Avoid long inactive pages on you webapp

Every company website has a number of pages with long, purely informative pages. Try to shorten these texts or remove the pages all together from the mobile version of the website. Pages that are often to long:

  • about us
  • company history
  • detailed descriptions of products or services

Pages that, if rebuild for mobile, are extra valuable on your webapp:

  • FAQ
  • pages containing mostly lists
  • overview of products/services and prizes

Catalog or portfolio with a search function

On a webshop a minimal/basic catalog is often the most effective. The catalog should have the following properties:

  • Search function
  • Every product available within three clicks
  • Only the most important information (photo, product name, price)