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Hoe je een top 10 positie krijgt in Google
Dated Sunday January 12, 2014; comments

In the last months Google made some major changes to way they evaluate websites and ranking. A lot of the tactics and best practices to get you a top position in Google are no longer relevant or have shifted in focus. Google did level the plain field, with means it is every bodies game again. Time for an update on what does help getting you that top position.

De Samsung test voor mobiele websites
Dated Saturday January 11, 2014; comments

Where Apple had created a new market for smartphones with the launch of the iPhone, it is Samsung that is dominating it now. With more and more people browsing the internet on their phone, making sure your (mobile) website is ready for Samsung phones becomes a necessity.

Voorbeelden van succesvolle QR campagnes
Dated Saturday January 11, 2014; comments

QR codes, you either love them or you hate them. They have been pronounced dead by experts over and over again, but they seem to have more lives than a cat. But if experts claim the QR code is dead, why are people still using or recommending them? Because the main problem for QR codes is not in the technique, but in way they are used. Here are four examples of QR codes that where successful:

Kleurenpaleten voor je website
Dated Friday December 27, 2013; comments

In our article on how to choose the correct colors for your website we discussed the effects the colors will have on the actions of your visitors. The influence of these colors can determine the success of your website, so it is important to keep these in mind when selecting the colors for your website. Once you have decided on the main color you will be using for your website, you are confronted with you next challenge. How to select a complete color pallet for my website?

Tips om het perfecte feedback formulier te maken
Dated Thursday December 26, 2013; comments

Feedback forms have not made it into the standard list of essential components for a website, like a dedicated homepage, contact page or search function. This is a shame, because they play a vital role in improving your website and getting it better tuned towards your targeted audience. If you see a feedback form in this perspective it suddenly because more then a simple add-on. It becomes a valuable part of your website you want to get right.

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