Tips on creating the ultimate feedback form

Dated Thursday December 26, 2013

Tips om het perfecte feedback formulier te maken

Feedback forms have not made it into the standard list of essential components for a website, like a dedicated homepage, contact page or search function. This is a shame, because they play a vital role in improving your website and getting it better tuned towards your targeted audience. If you see a feedback form in this perspective it suddenly because more then a simple add-on. It becomes a valuable part of your website you want to get right.


Ask the right questions


Keep it in context

Make It visible

Make sure it works properly

Give the right feedback on the feedback

Use the feedback

After getting the feedback form just right, feedback should be coming in. Don't put all the feedback in a to-do list you'll never look at again. These are suggestions from the people you intend to reach. Each feedback should be followed by one of these actions:

Appreciate every feedback you receive. Do not think you know better and your visitors should keep their opinions to themselves. If you didn't create the website for them, for whom did you create it?

Add a feedback form to your website

You don't have a feedback form on your website? Use our feedback form builder to create one. These feedback forms are compatible with every CMS (like Wordpress, Yoomla, Magento, Drupal) and website that don't use a CMS.

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create your own feedback form

Our feedback forms work with Joomla, Wordpress, Magento and any other CMS.

Create your own feedback form

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