How to start using Google Analytics for your website

Dated Thursday August 15, 2013

Tags: seo

Je website aanmelden bij Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular program for viewing and analizing the statistics (numer of visitors) for websites. It shows you how many people visit your website, how often, etc. Google Analytics has become popular because it has all the featues you require from statistic software and still is offered for free. Google Analytics will help you find out:

Start using Google Analytics for your website

To use Google Analytics you need a Google account. A gmail address will suffice. If you do not have a gmail address you can create a Google account here.

With your Google account you can get the code for Google Analytics:

Link your webapp to Google Analytics

These instructions are for webapps from Webapps Online. If you do not have one, you can create one a webapp online here.

Google Analytics will start counting visitors within 24 hours.

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