Microsoft and Google clash again over Youtube

Dated Friday August 16, 2013

Tags: seo

Opnieuw aanvaring Google en Microsoft over YouTube

Microsoft is desperate to get all great apps to its Windows Phone Platform. Facebook, Twitter and off course YouTube. Claiming Google was not putting the effort in they should, Microsoft launched a YouTube app of its own. But Google blocked videos for the app soon after, claiming Microsoft violated their terms of service. Since then both of them are working together on an app. But a new app Microsoft released only a few days ago has already been blocked by Google. They dispute seems to continue.

Original responce of Google to Mashable:

"We’re committed to providing users and creators with a great and consistent YouTube experience across devices, and we’ve been working with Microsoft to build a fully featured YouTube for Windows Phone app, based on HTML5. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not made the browser upgrades necessary to enable a fully-featured YouTube experience, and has instead re-released a YouTube app that violates our Terms of Service. It has been disabled. We value our broad developer community and therefore ask everyone to adhere to the same guidelines."