Google : load websites on mobile within a second

Dated Tuesday August 20, 2013

Tags: seo

Google: toon mobiele websites binnen 1 seconde

One second.     That is how long it took you to read those two first words. And that is how long it should take to load website on mobile according to Google.

Recently Google published its new guidelines for websites on mobile. There advice is to load a website on a mobile device within one second. This refers only to the, so called, above the folled section of your mobile website. This is the part that is directly visible on your mobile device. The remaining part of the website can take longer to load.


Section from the Google guidelines:

“…the whole page doesn’t have to render within this budget, instead, we must deliver and render the above the fold (ATF) content in under one second, which allows the user to begin interacting with the page as soon as possible. Then, while the user is interpreting the first page of content, the rest of the page can be delivered progressively in the background.”

Google PageSpeed Insight Tool for mobile websites adn webapps

Simultaneously with the new guidelines, Google has published an updated version of the PageSpeed Insight Tool. The tool now offers information to webmaster to check wether they comply to these new guidelines. In the updated version there is more information on how your website is performing on mobile in Google, next to the score of your website for desktop in Google.