Difference between Gmail and Outlook diminishes

Dated Monday January 16, 2012

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Verschil tussen Gmail en Outlook wordt kleiner

Although both Gmail and Oultook are used for reading and sending mail, they come from seperate ends of the spectrum. Outlook is a mail client, where GMail is a mail service. Outlook is software you install on your PC, Gmail is a webapp run on the internet. But the difference between software and webapp is getting smaller and smaller, from a user experience point of view.

Reading mail offline

Reading webmail offline sounds a bit contradictory. But that is exactly what GMail offers. By using the offline strorage of Chrome and other HTML 5 capable browsers GMail can store 7, 14 or 31 days worth of mail. Making it available, even when there is no internet connection available. As soon as a connection becomes available all mail is synchronized.

Next to mail, attachements and keyboards shortcuts are also available offline.

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