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Dated Monday September 2, 2013

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Registreer je bedrijfsnaam op internet

You probably are already aware that choosing a brand name for which the website address is still available has its benifits. After starting there business you have claimed the correspoding domain name.

Next to claiming your domain name, it is wise to claim your brand name on different social media channels. Even if you are not (yet) using these platforms, claiming your brand name prevents others from doing so.


Linked In is a professional network site. Linked In reverse pages for company or brand names. On this page you can place a description of your company. The personal accounts of your employees can be linked to this page. This creates a complete picture of your company.

Registrer your brand on Linked In (Log in and click on Add Company)


Op Facebook kunnen personen en bedrijven een eigen profielpagina aan maken. Eventueel kan je hier een omschrijving van je bedrijf plaatsen, inclusief contactinformatie. Ook kan je een sfeerimpressie plaatsen in een Facebook fotoalbum.

Registreer je bedrijfsnaam op Facebook (Klik op Company, Organisation or Insitution)


Twitter is a social network based on short messages. Twitter can be used by companies to either show there knowledge by writing about news in your field, or engage with your customer in customer support.

Registrer your brand on Twitter


Pinterest is a visually focussed netwerk. It is best suited for companies that profit from visually displaying there products (selling by design).

Registrer your brand on Pinterester


Registering your brand on gmail and would hurt either. You're probably never going to use them, but you don't want others to start using them. You can always use these accounts for websites you don't want to use your official email address.

Registrer your brand on (former Hotmail)

Registrer your brand on Gmail

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